Book draft: Quantum Mechanics over Sets

Quantum mechanics overs sets (QM/ℤ₂ or QM/Sets) is a pedagogical or `toy’ model of finite-dimensional quantum mechanics (QM/ℂ) that reproduces in the simplified setting of vector spaces over ℤ₂ the essentials of projective measurements, the double-slit experiment, the indeterminacy principle, entanglement, Bell’s Theorem, the statistics of indistinguishable particles, and so forth,

Lavoie Referee Report on “Property & Contract”

Edit This is Don Lavoie’s letter giving his referee report on my Property & Contract book which was published by Basil Blackwell in 1992. Don Lavoie (1951-2001) was a neo-Austrian economics professor at George Mason University. He developed a hermeneutical approach to economics. Click here to download the letter.

LAHS Class of ’61 Yearbook

Thanks to Butch Ray’s page on Gray Haired Teenagers, here is a PDF of the essential pages (none of the ads) for the 1961 year book concerning the Senior Class that year.

Review of Erik O. Wright’s Envisioning Real Utopias

I rarely review books and almost never books by Marxists. However, in order to comment on a presentation at a conference, I decided to write up my extensive comments in the form of a book review of Erik Olin Wright’s Envisioning Real Utopias.

Gian-Carlo Rota’s Combinatorial Theory Course: The Guidi Notes

This is a copy of the Guidi Notes for Gian-Carlo Rota’s famous Combinatorial Theory course at MIT taken the last time Rota taught the course.

Straight-line and Hoskold Capitalization in Real Estate Appraisal

Here is the paper you have been waiting for: Ellerman, David. 1994. “New Results on the Straight Line & Hoskold Methods of Capitalization.” Real Property Perspectives, no. July: 29–36, 80–81.