About David P. Ellerman

David P. Ellerman works in the fields of economics and political economy, social theory and philosophy as well as information theory, mathematical logic, and quantum mechanics. His undergraduate degree was in philosophy at M.I.T. (’65), and he has Masters degrees in Philosophy of Science (’67) and in Economics (’68), and a doctorate in Mathematics (’71) all from Boston University. He has been in and out of teaching in economics, mathematics, accounting, computer science, and operations research departments in various universities (1970-90), founded and managed a consulting firm in East Europe (1990-2), and worked in the World Bank from 1992 to 2003 where he was an economic advisor to the Chief Economist (Joseph Stiglitz) before retirement. He is currently an Associate Researcher at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), a Fellow of the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, and Co-founder and President of the Institute for Economic Democracy in Ljubljana Slovenia.

He has published numerous articles in various fields and nine books, the latest three being:

New Foundations for Information Theory;

Putting Jurisprudence Back into Economics, and

Neo-Abolitionism: Abolishing Human Rentals in Favor of Workplace Democracy.

The published and draft papers and book manuscripts available on this site are classified in the categories below. See also his working papers

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