Introduction to Property Theory

This is yet another unpublished paper to introduce property theory to various audiences, particularly economists.

The Libertarian Case for Slavery: A Note on Nozick

This is a historically important paper, by one “J. Philmore,” arguing along with Robert Nozick from a free-market libertarian viewpoint that the self-sale contract and the current employment or self-rental contract are on the same moral footing.

The Market Mechanism of Appropriation

This is a non-mathematical treatment of the fundamental theorem about the laissez faire mechanism for property appropriation.

Hume Implies Locke: Fundamental Theorem of Property Theory

The fundamental theorem for the invisible hand mechanism in the property system is that if Hume’s conditions are satisfied, then the invisible judge imputes in accordance with the Lockean responsibility principle. The paper mathematically formulates and proves the theorem using vector flows on graphs.

Goodwill: Not a Present Property Right

This is a small article in a Dutch finance and accounting journal that makes a big point.

On Rawls and Nussbaum

This paper was delivered at a 2008 conference in Leuven on Martha Nussbaum’s book Frontiers of Justice. The paper was to be published in the conference proceedings, but somehow that never happened.

Property and Contract 1973

This 1973 unpublished typescript was probably the first time my settled views on property theory were put into writing.

Property Appropriation and Theory of the Firm

This is the first of my papers published by Warren Samuels who became a great supporter of this property theoretic analysis.

Marxian Exploitation Theory

This 1983 paper in a philosophical journal analyzes the Marxian labor theory of value and exploitation as an incorrect and superficial theory.

The Labor Theory of Property

This is a 1985 paper in a philosophical journal spelling out the labor theory of property.