Pragmatism versus Economics Ideology

This paper contrasts some of the wisdom of philosophical pragmatism with the social engineering ideology implicit in the conventional economics profession. The principal case example is the transition strategies of Russia versus China.

Knowledge and Ignorance in the Post-Socialist Debates

These are the slides for my talk in the invited lecture series, The Specter of Ignorance, at the Korbel School of Denver University May 2012.

Human Development in the Post-Socialist Transition

This paper in a philosophical journal looks at the post-socialist transition issues from the viewpoint of human development with special attention to teasing out some arguments from John Dewey.

Renaissance Humanism and the Post-Socialist Transition

This paper compares some of the themes in the “renaissance” of the post-socialist transition with the Renaissance itself–along with some personal reflections on my experiences in the transition.

Management-Employee Buyouts in Privatization

This 1993 report for the Central and Eastern European Privatization Network was known for giving early and ultimately accurate criticism of the shock therapy and voucher privatization programs.

The Democratic Worker-Owned Firm

My second book was the 1989 The Democratic Worker-Owned Firm. The book was revised for the Chinese translation, and that is the version that can be downloaded here. This book develops the labor theory of property and democratic theory arguments for a democratic firm, and analyzes the connection between those principles and the legal structure of the firms.