Gian-Carlo Rota’s Introduction to Probability and Random Processes

This is a scanned copy of Gian-Carlo Rota’s and Kenneth Baclawski’s Introduction to Probability and Random Processes manuscript in its 1979 version. Through the years, Gian-Carlo Rota strove to ‘perfect’ the manuscript until his untimely death in 1999. At that time, only an Italian version had been published. The book is a product of Rota’s seminal work in combinatorial theory which resulted in his unique approach to probability theory. In addition, the remarkable word problems about applications of probabilistic concepts are comparable to William Feller’s classic book. With the approval of Prof. Baclawski (Northeastern University), I scanned in the 1979 mimeo version of the manuscript and posted it here so that this unique text would be more widely available. It is a 3 meg PDF file.

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