1991 clippings on work in Slovenia


Here are a few newspaper and magazine clippings from my efforts in Slovenia in 1990-91 to get a worker-ownership privatization law drafted and passed. As the law was sailing through Parliament, the newly elected Govt sponsored an intervention by Jeff Sachs and, behind the scenes, the World Bank to block the law and to pass an alternative law that would put all the companies of any size into voucher investment funds broadly owned by the citizenry through the voucher funds narrowly owned by the new oligarchs. They blocked our law but we also blocked their law, so Slovenia had no privatization law for a few years until it finally passed a watered down combination of the two draft laws–but without any ESOP trusts so all the shares would and did eventually end up on the stock market.

Click here to download some of the clippings in Slovene and English.