Library and Information Science Students to Encourage Networking

Library and Information Science Students to Encourage Networking LISSTEN
is the student organization of San Jose State University's
and the faculty and staff of the program are considered associate members.

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This is the ARCHIVAL COPY of the LISSTEN web site as it was at the end of the Fall semester of 2007

The content of the pages is not current and serves only to show my competence in designing and building the web sites. This is the link to current LISSTEN WEB SITE.

Some of the original content is not linked as it would be at the active page

Material related to the activities of the LISSTEN before I became the webmaster, like the list of names of board members and members-at-large before 2007, and the board minutes before February 11, 2007 meeting is not linked. Names and functions of the board, members-at-large and student representatives are matters of public record, so the names are left as they were on the original site. However, all contact information is obscured for privacy reasons.

Links to outside sites were current on April 2008, but, as this is an archived site, there is no intention to keep them updated.

Inactive are all links to the work created by other students

On the original LISSTEN web site the Banned Books Week links lead to the web site created by Anne Knight as her project for the Information Technology Tools and Application class. The web site provided detailed information about the idea behind the Banned Books Week, organizer’s checklist and links to information about past event. The web site is still accessible through current LISSTEN web site.

The integral part of the LISSTEN mission was helping students with useful information related to study and student life in the San Jose and Fullerton campuses, and was presented in the Survival Handbook section of the web site. The text and organization of the handbook was work of Heather Fucinari. For link to the Survival Handbook pages on current LISSTEN web site click HERE.

For the same reason I did not provide the links for the older Call Number issues. I cooperated with editors in the production of PDF file for the Spring 2007 issue, and for Fall 2007 issue, I developed a HTML template and designed an on-line version of the newsletter. For current and past issues of the newsletter click HERE.


:: the Fall 2007 issue of The Call Number ::

Thanksgiving treat -- the newsletter of your student organization LISSTEN!

Focusing on special libraries, articles in this issue demonstrate that the skills of librarianship are indeed transferable -- from cataloging stuffed bears in Alaska, to designing Web sites for a network, to starting one's own library while eschewing traditional cataloging altogether.


Become part of the editorial staff, and help us create the Spring issue of The Call Number.
Contact the editors for details



Since all SJSU-SLIS students are automatically members of LISSTEN upon acceptance to the SJSU-SLIS program, all are welcome to contribute to this web site. If you have information or design ideas, please consider adopting a page or simply contributing content. For more information,
 please contact LISSTEN Webmaster.

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