Intellectual Trespassing As A Way of Life:

Essays in Philosophy, Economics, and Mathematics


David P. Ellerman

Rowman & Littlefield, 1995

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Table of Contents [Click here for detailed ToC]

Intellectual Trespassing as an Engine of Discovery

Example: The Additive-Multiplicative Engine of Discovery

Brief Introductions to the Essays

Chapter 1: Trespassing Against The Happy Consciousness of Orthodox Economics

Chapter 2: Myth and Metaphor in Orthodox Economics

Chapter 3: The Libertarian Case for Slavery.

Chapter 4: The Kantian Person/Thing Principle in Political Economy.

Chapter 5: Are Marginal Products Created ex Nihilo?

Chapter 6: Double Entry Bookkeeping: Mathematical Formulation and Generalization.

Chapter 7: The Semantics Differentiation of Minds and Machines

Chapter 8: Category Theory as The Theory of Concrete Universals

Chapter 9: Keiretsu, Proportional Representation, and Input-Output Theory

Chapter 10: Finding the Markets in the Math: Arbitrage and Optimization Theory

Chapter 11: Valuation Rings: A Better Algebraic Treatment of Boolean Algebras

Chapter 12: Parallel Addition, Series-Parallel Duality, and Financial Mathematics.